[track] VA – Tropical Twista Vol. Dois

[track] VA – Tropical Twista Vol. Dois

English: Tropical Twista Records presents its second compilation, gathering artists for a musical journey through cultural and sonorous experimentations. In this record we present 15 tracks of big artists from Brazil, Argentina, China, United States and Germany, harmonically permeating and creating a context of latin, african, brazilian and oriental themes, sharing a scenario where music and ethnical plurality influentiate our relation with the environment.

Each work offers a certain impression of the new electronic art, either travelling through already consecrated aesthetics or pursuing new possible paths.

The meeting point is the conquer of a new space where rhythms and cultural expressions go further beyond the regional sphere.

Our common region is the music of the nature, the hidden chants of the Earth and the sound that echoes with the silence.

The peace and the synergy give way to the new electronic rituals. The cultural expression open space to a dialogue with the plurality.

Compiled by: Felipe MD & Intr3pico

Release date: 14/12/2015

Masters : Andreh Torres @ RDStudio, Brasil

Cover Art: Lucas Cardoso, Campinas – Brasil


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